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[Fic] Childhood I - Dean, Kevin, falafel trip

Title: Childhood I
Genre: gen, pre-9x04 "Slumber Party," exhausted Dean headspace
Characters: Dean (POV), Kevin; Linda and John by extension; a bit of Sam
Rating: R
Word Count: ~3,700
Warnings: [Spoiler (click to open)]masturbation, brief non-explicit mentions of past underage, talk of prostitution
Summary: What happens on the "Dean and Kevin go get falafel" trip stays in the "Dean and Kevin go get falafel" trip.
J2 - NJ Mine

Fic: What Happens In Rome...

Title: What Happens in Rome...
Author: firesign10
Pairing(s): Jared/Jensen/Osric
Word Count: 5570
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Threesome
Disclaimer: Not even close to real, folks, and god knows I'm not getting a red cent here :-D

Summary: Osric feels terrible about his involvement in Jared's shoulder injury in the Green Room during JIB 2014, and once the panels are all done, he stops by Jared's room with a little get-well gift. He never anticipated what happens next...

Link to story on LJ!

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Kevin and Osric fics

Title: Kevin Tran for Household President!
Author/Artist: citrusjava
Recipient: alethiometry
Characters/pairing: Kevin, Dean, Sam (+backgroudy fantasies)
Words: ~1400
Warnings (if applicable): background PTSD, depression and such
Notes: Can he please be the next president-president?
Notes2: This Kevin is so influenced by the wonderful balder12's writing. If you like Kevin fic at all, you should be reading hers.
Summary: Prompt to subvert: "Kevin Tran's presidential campaign", on the April's Fool Challenge at spnspiration

Title: No evil thing will
Pairing: Osric/Jared
Rating: gen
Words: 1800
Warning: flawed, unbeta'ed and it shows, this is a 'for fun' fic, [read]gender d ysphoria, mental-emotional issues
Tags for: [read]trans character, non-binary Osric, Jared being a cutie, cosplay, crossplay, crossdressing, friendship is magic, Always Keep fighting
Note: this is for balder12 , on account of her being wonderful
for her prompt: "Jared/Osric where Osric has talked Jared into doing a cosplay that requires painted nails, and Osric paints them for him"
Summary: Jared's campaign brings up some stuff in Osric that he'd been carefully trying to leave behind

Title: Reward Your Boy
Characters/pairing: Kevin/Sam/Cas
Words: 803
Warnings (if applicable): porn without plot without porn, unbeta'ed
Summary: Cas teaches Kevin how to Dom Sam.

Title: It Gets Better
Recipient: alethiometry
Warnings (if applicable): [spoilers]experimental, PTSD, depression, implied violence and possibly death
Notes: This Kevin is so influenced by the wonderful balder12 's writing. If you like Kevin fic at all, you should be reading hers.
Summary: Another subverted "Kevin Tran's presidential campaign", on the April's Fool Challenge at spnspiration

Fic: Samson (Sam/Kevin, NC-17)

Title: Samson
Author: de_nugis
Rating, Pairing: Sam/Kevin, NC-17
Disclaimer: don't own, don't profit
Wordcount: c2000
Summary: Turn and turn about is fair hair-play.
A/N: This is a (now decidedly tardy) birthday fic for balder12. She asked for Kevin playing with Sam's hair. Sam and Kevin went for something a bit more porny and complicated. Set at a vague future point and featuring not!dead!Kevin.

read it on LJ or on AO3

Fic: Five Dangers of the Veil

Art Title: Light a Candle in This Dark, Dark World
Prompt Number: S1055
Artist: Tkodami

Fic Title: Five Dangers of the Veil
Author: Balder12
Fandom/Genre: Horror
Pairing(s): Gen.  Kevin & Gadreel, Kevin & Meg
Rating: R
Word Count: ~7400
Warnings: canon-typical violence, gore, canonical character death, child death
Summary: The gates of heaven have sealed souls into the veil. No one is dying properly. Not humans, not demons, not angels. When Kevin can stick around with his mom, things seem to be almost normal. But when Kevin slips behind the veil, he finds darkness, violence, and nightmares... and maybe something even worse than that.
A/N: Many thanks to my beta, the_diggler.

Art Link(s): LJ | AO3
Fic Link(s): LJ | AO3


Fic: Through the Iron Gates of Life

Title:  Through the Iron Gates of Life
Author: balder12
Pairing/Characters: Sam/Kevin
Word count: ~18,000
Rating:  R
Warnings: brief gore, references to past noncon, bad sex, unhealthy use of alcohol
Summary: Kevin is resurrected in the wake of 9.23, and helps Sam in his search for Dean.
A/N: Written for de_nugis for the spn_j2_xmas exchange. Her prompt was: "Sam/Kevin, post-s9. Sam’s had his body and self used and split six ways from Sunday. Kevin has his own share of trauma and history of being screwed over by the universe in general and Winchesters in particular plus, you know, he’s a ghost. So you can see how the sex and/or relationship things between them could get difficult." Aside from the ghost part, this is almost certainly a better summary of the fic than the one I came up with.